During the month of September, 74 members of the invader Turkish army and its mercenary allies were killed as a result of operations carried out by our forces

  • October 2, 2018 | Press Releases

To the press and the public!


The invader Turkish state, which had used every opportunity to increase its attacks against the very existence of democratic Syria and Rojava, together with its mercenary allies continues to impose its fascist methods upon our people in Afrin. The invader Turkish state, through demographic change wants to make its occupation of Afrin permanent and tries to be the only power present there. These activities of the invader Turkish state and its mercenary allies continued throughout September with even more strength. The invader Turkish state that has continued to attack our local people, kidnapping and torturing them and then demanding a ransom, became reckless in its fascist proceedings. In response to all these attacks, our YPG/YPJ forces with its successful actions have inflicted heavy blows upon the invaders. They answered in the most appropriate way to all the acts of aggression committed by the invader Turkish state at the Rojava borders. The details of our war of resistance against the invasion in September are as follows:


1. Our forces carried out 38 actions against the invader Turkish army and the mercenary fractions allied with them. As a result of actions which included sabotage, assassination, ambushes and seizing enemy’s weapons:


- 74 Turkish invasion soldiers and their mercenary allies were killed (11 Turkish soldiers and 63 mercenaries, including one high commander),


- 37 Turkish invasion soldiers and their mercenary allies were wounded (6 Turkish soldiers and 31 mercenaries),


- 13 of AK-47 Kalashnikov weapons and one MG-3 machine gun were seized,


-  one military headquarters, 6 military vehicles and one T-55 tank were destroyed.


2. The invader Turkish army have continued violating the border also in September. In the regions of Kobane, Serekaniye, Qamişlo and Girespi, civilians were directly targeted from across the border. As a result of the attacks of the invader Turkish army, 3 civilians, including one child, were wounded. Once again, civilian settlements and agricultural areas had suffered material damage.


3. On September 10th, under the leadership of the Syrian Democratic Forces and within the scope of the Jazeera Storm military offensive, the Battle to Defeat Terrorism was launched. Under an umbrella of SDF, our YPG/YPJ forces actively participated in the military campaign. Great progress has been achieved in this operation which aims at liberating the Hajin town, the last stronghold of the ISIS terrorist organization, and freeing the local population. In the war of resistance that continues for 20 days, many strategic points and villages has been already liberated, while hundreds of civilians were rescued. The campaign continues with great determination. Because the results of battles carried out in last 20 days were already announced to the public by the SDF Press Office, there’s no reason to include them in our balance sheet of war.


4. Concerning our ongoing struggle against the ISIS, two of the terrorist organization key figures which are foreign nationals, were captured alive by our Anti-Terror Unions (Y.A.T.). Additionally, on September 19th, our YPG/YPJ units together with Asayish forces and Special Security Teams (HAT) carried out successful simultaneous operations in the villages of Qubbe and Jedde of Sheikhlar town, located southwest of Kobane, aiming to deactivate the sleeper cells related to the ISIS and the invader Turkish state. Dozens of Turkish-backed and affiliated to the ISIS terrorists were captured alive as a result of the operations. Also, a large quantity of explosives prepared for the bombing attacks, 2 B-7 anti-tank grenade launchers with 10 projectiles, 11 AK-47 rifles, 2 night-vision glasses, 4 binoculars, 14 cell phones, 4 radio devices, 9 pistols with ammunition as well as various military equipment and ammunition, were discovered and confiscated.


5. In September, eight of our comrades were martyred as a result of accidents and serious illnesses.


As YPG and YPJ forces, we will continue our effective struggle and actions, especially against the Turkish invasion army, but also against all those who attack our revolutionary achievements that has been created at such a great cost.


YPG Press Office | October 2, 2018