Continuing Attacks By Turkish Army And DAESH Against Rojava-Northern Syria Frontlines

  • September 4, 2016 | Press Releases

Turkish Army continues its relentless aggression against Rojava-Northern Syria Federation. Following is a record of violations carried out by Turkish military during the past 2 days:
On the late hours of September 2, deploying heavy weapons, Turkish Army targeted the village of Tilseriyê to the west of Kobane city. On the night of September 3, the villages of Koran and Salim (western Kobane) were similarly attacked by Turkish Army.
At 4 am September 3, Daesh (ISIS) terrorists carried out a major assault on the villages of Til Osman and Shams al-Dinya in southeast of Tishreen Dam, souther Kobane. As result of our units’ response, heavy clashes erupted in the region and lasted until afternoon of the same day. The confrontation forced the Daesh terrorists to withdraw from the area as their attempt was fully repelled.
There, the People’s Defense Units destroyed a vehicle-borne IED and a DShK-mounted vehicle of the attackers. 15 Daesh terrorists were confirmed killed, a dozen were wounded and two others were captured alive. A mopping-up operation was later conducted around the extent where the battle occurred, accordingly, 10 of enemy’s dead, 8 AK rifles, 2 PKs, 1 RPG and 10 hand grenades were seized.
Later at night, Daesh terrorists tried to complete a sabotage action by planting improvised explosives near Qadriyê village. The group was disrupted by our units, having one of their members wounded they ultimately fled the location.
At 12:30 September 3, an artillery attack was led by Daesh terrorists on Malha and Mekmen villages, Shadadi.
People’s Defense Units (YPG) Press Office
September 4, 2016