Civilian settlements in Afrin being bombarded with unknown weapons

  • February 3, 2018 | News


On February 3, as Turkish occupation army shelled Saria village of Afrin’s Bulbul district strange white smoke raised as a result. The village is full of civilians and located at the southern countryside of Bulbul district. After the bombshell the residents suffered heavy coughing caused by the smoke.


Turkish occupation army, who started an invasion movement with the ground support of al-Qaida & al-Nusra terrorists into the only city that was not affected by the war in Rojava, seen multiple times using unknown weapons targeting civilian settlements and YPG-led SDF fighters’ positions.


Footage recorded on Saturday shows white smoke raising as Saria village, where dozens of civilians residing in, being shelled.



YPG Press Office | February 3, 2018