Breaking statement by YPG

  • Augost 27/2016 | Press Releases

For the Media and Public Opinion:
On August 23, the Daesh (ISIS) terrorists started a large offensive on an extent of 15 kilometers in south of Shadadi city, specifically the village of Azawi. Terrorist fighters were gathered from Iraq, Raqqah and Deir ez-Zor, reinforcing the battle for three days with heavy weaponry, armored vehicles and VBIEDs. Over the course of those three days, the attackers targeted on our units’ positions with 6 bomb-laden vehicles, yet, before reaching their destiny, all 6 VBIEDs were destroyed by our combatants. Apart from car-bombs, 1 Humvee and another military vehicle were eliminated there.

After heavy fighting in the noted frontline, the terrorists’ attack has been completely defeated. There, 108 terrorist fighters were confirmed killed, and tens of attackers were wounded. After securing the area, 71 of enemy’s dead, 9 military vehicles, 1 VBIED, 2 DShK-mounted vehicles and a weapons cache including three 14.5mm DShKs, sniper rifles, 2 PKMs, 17 AK rifles, 1 RPG, 8 hand grenades and 5 suicide vests was captured.

During three days of resistance, ten of our combatant comrades who heroically stood against the attacks and fought the terrorists, were martyred in action.


In this context, on the night of August 26, firing heavy weapons, Turkish military attacked the village of Yapse to the east of Kobane.

Today, August 27, driving armored vehicles, Turkish forces again violated the borders and crossed into Rojava/Syria soil from the side of border gate and the village of Til Shair.

Separately on the night of August 26, Turkish military forces who had deployed tanks and heavy weaponry, struck our units’ and Self-Defense Forces’ positions near the village of Museka, Raco region, Efrin.

Simultaneously on that night, Turkish forces indiscriminately fired at civilians travelling on the road between Amude and Derbesiye, Cizire Canton.

At 7 pm August 26, groups operating under the name of Syrian Coalition, carried out an attack, with heavy weapons, on the villages of Minikh and Al-Kamiyah in Efrin countryside.

People's Defense Units YPG Press Office | August 27, 2016