Balance sheet of the war and resistance for December

  • December 4, 2018 | Press Releases

To the press and the public!

Our YPG and YPJ forces are fighting against all kinds of invasion and terrorist activities in Rojava and Northern Syria. They are launching an incomparable war of resistance, especially in Afrin where they fight against the invader Turkish army and its terrorist allies and in the Deir ez-Zor province, combating the ISIS terrorist organization. Additionally, the Anti-Terror Unions (Y.A.T.) have carried out several successful operations against the ISIS sleeper cells in many different regions, therefore thwarting many terrorist attacks and arresting the perpetrators.


In the month of November, the general balance sheet of the war and the resistance of our forces against ISIS and the invader Turkish state with its mercenary allies is as follows: 


1.During the month of November, our forces in occupied Afrin carried out 9 military operations against the Turkish occupation and the mercenary factions that are acting under its command. As a result of these actions, which included sabotage, assassination, raid and ambush: 


- 25 mercenaries were killed


- 20 mercenaries were injured


- As a result of our actions, 3 military vehicles were destroyed and 2 others were damaged


2.In November, the Anti-Terror Unions (Y.A.T.) carried out 6 operations and the Special Operation Teams conducted 26 operations against ISIS. As a result of the operations:


- 13 ISIS terrorists were captured


- 16 mines were seized (9 belonging to ISIS and 7 to Turkish secret service, MIT)


- 1 Kalashnikov (AK-47) weapons, 1 pistol, 5 mobile phones and many documents were seized


- 9 prepared terrorist attacks were foiled as result of the operations


3.In November, 53 of our comrades were martyred during the Jazeera Storm Operation, while heroically fighting the ISIS terrorist organization. Additionally, 1 comrade was martyred in the al-Hawl town as a result of ISIS attack, while 6 more comrades were martyred as a result of accidents.



YPG Press Office | December 4, 2018