Balance sheet of January-February 2017

  • March 4, 2017 | Press Releases

In October and February 2017:
-The Turkish army targeted 89 times civilians and our forces positioned on the borders between Rojava and North Kurdistan with heavy weaponry.
–the Turkish army targeted 3 times with helicopters our units’ positions and civilians as well.
– Surveillance planes flew over Rojava 8 times.
–Our units managed to destroy 2 military vehicles, 3 bulldozers of the Turkish army.
– A Turkish army bomb-laden vehicle was seized.
–A Turkish army element was killed while our units repelled the attack.
–One of our fighters were martyred during the attacks on the region, in addition to that, 2 fighters and 4 civilians were injured.
As to the outcome of the January and February operations which our units effectively took part under the SDF, the results of the second phase of Operation Wrath of Euphrates are:
–During the campaign, an area of 2,480 km2 were liberated from ISIS gangs including 197 villages, dozens of hamlets and strategic hills, in addition to the historic Jabar castle.
–During the campaign, 260 gang members were killed, 115 bodies were seized by our forces, ammunition and military equipment and vehicles were also seized. 40 bomb-laden vehicle attacks were foiled and most of them were destroyed before reaching their target, and many others were seized.
–Tens of thousands of civilians residing in western Raqqa villages were rescued, villages were cleared, civilians were secured a safe return and provided help.
– 42 SDF fighters lost their lives including 3 international fighters consisting of a British, Canadian, and American fighter who joined the campaign, 3 Syriac Military Council fighters were also martyred along with the Kurd and Arab martyrs.
In the third phase of the Operation Wrath of Euphrates:
–An area of 700 km2 in the northeastern countryside of Raqqa was liberated.
–98 villages were liberated, civilians were secured back to their houses and provided help when needed.
–124 gang members were killed, a large number was also wounded, 9 others were captivated.
–A number of canons, heavy weaponry, military equipment and vehicles were destroyed, 63 tunnels dug by gangs were destroyed, dozens of their positions, an explosive factory, 3 armored vehicles were destroyed, 3 reconnaissance aircraft were downed, our forces also seized a large amount of weapons and military equipment.
–13 SDF and self-defense duty fighters fell as martyrs in the clashes.
The second step of the third phase of the Operation Wrath of Euphrates
–253 villages, hamlets were liberated from ISIS gangs over an area estimated to reach 2,426 km2 in Deir ez-Zor and Raqqa.
–During the clashes in thr region, 221 gang members were killed, 11 others were captured by our forces.
–A Dushka-mounted vehicle, 13 bomb-laden vehicles, 8 military vehicles, and a repository for making bombs were all destroyed.