At least 11 terrorists have been killed in Afrin

  • July 10, 2018 | Press Releases


Our forces carried out a series of operations against Turkish-backed jihadi groups in Afrin between July 5 and July 8. The details regarding the operations carried out by our units in Afrin and its vicinity are as follows;


On July 5, our forces targeted mercenaries guarding a military base in the area between Jinderes and Atma town in Afrin with sniper rifles. A mercenary was killed.


On July 6, our units ambushed a group of terrorists belonging to the group called Hamza Brigade on the road between Rajo and Afrin, where 3 terrorists were killed.


On July 7, the vehicle of the commander of FSA terrorists’ so-called Elite Unit was stopped in Afrin’s Bilbil district by one of our units. The mercenary called Mohammad al-Souleiman was killed in the action. On the same day our forces detonated a pre-prepared explosive device in one of the checkpoints of the terrorist group called Asafat al-Shimal in Mount Basraya (Jabal Qastal) of Shara district. 2 terrorists called Omar Kanoand Ibrahim Kano, both of whom are from Azaz, have been killed in the operation.


In the evening of July 7, our units carried out another sabotage attack against a Turkish army patrol in Afrin’s Rajo, which killed 2 soldiers.


On July 8, a Turkish terrorist and a Ahrar al-Sharqiyyah mercenary were killed in the bombing action targeting a military convoy which was participating in the combing operation in villages of Afrin’s Mabata district.


With the actions carried out between July 5-8, the number of deaths of Turkish invasion army and its mercenaries has risen to 2515.


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YPG Press Office | July 10, 2018