Anti Terror Units Carried Out A Special Operation

  • November 3, 2016 | News

To the press and public opinion


On October 30, our Anti Terror Units (YAT) carried out a special operation against a terrorist individuum. This person laid IEDs on the roads coming to Serêkaniyê and was preparing for a suicide attack. As a result of the operation the DAESH terrorist with the name Ehmed El Sixêl (who was also responsible for intelligence and preparing IEDs) got killed, his body, explosive devices, a weapon and ammonition were seized.


After researching the scene our forces seized 1 Kalashnikov Assault Rifle, 1 Ammonition Vest, 2 Suicide Vests, 6 IEDs, a bag, 4 remote control devices for IEDs and a motorcycle.


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YPG Media Center | November 3, 2016