Adil Musa Abdouljezar, one of key figures of ISIS, captured by our forces

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To the press and the public!


Our struggle against the ISIS terrorist organization that had emerged as the most brutal group of history and had been calamity for the peoples of the Middle East and for the revolution in Rojava and Northern Syria, is progressing and obtaining great victories. Through our effort and struggle to defend the values and dignity of our people and whole humanity, the expansion of ISIS had been stopped and the places where massacres were perpetrated had been liberated. Today, this struggle continues to obtain important achievements. 


On 11 August 2018, one of the key ISIS figures named Abu Kerem, who’s real name is Adil Musa Abdouljezar (and recently had been using name Abu Basil al-Ghezawi) and who was in charge of intelligence activities in cities such an as al-Bab, Hama, Aleppo, Idlib, Raqqa, Mayadin, Tabqa and Daraa, has been captured in a special operation carried out by our forces.


Adil Musa Abdouljezar also provided a lot of important information about ISIS and how it has been strengthened and bolstered by the Turkish state.


Adil Musa Abdouljezar was captured alive in an operation that was successfully carried out by our Anti-Terror Units (YAT).



YPG Press Office | September 4, 2018