6 terrorists have been killed in Afrin, 5 others wounded

  • October 18, 2018 | Press Releases


As part of the resistance against Turkish-led invasion Afrin our forces continue to carry out military operations against Turkish invasion army and Turkish backed terrorists in Afrin and its countryside. In two separate operations targeting these elements, our units managed to eliminate 6 terrorists while 5 others were seriously injured.


1-   Our forces targeted a base of Hamza brigade in village of Qimara of Afrin’s Sherawa town on October 16. 4 terrorists were killed as result of the operation while 3 others were injured. 3 of the killed terrorists identified as Abdullah al-Mar’i, Mohammad Soulaiman and Abu Yaqoob Hamza.

2-   Our units targeted a military vehicle belonging to the terrorist group of Feylaq Sham. The vehicle was destroyed, 2 terrorists were killed and 2 others were injured in the operation.


YPG Press Office | October 18, 2018