6 foreign jihadists were captured alive

  • February 2, 2019 | Press Releases

Along with heavy fighting by our units within the Syrian Democratic Forces against ISIS terrorists, security operations are constantly being carried out in order to ensure safety in the areas liberated. 6 foreign jihadists of various nationalities who had been actively participated in terrorist activities of the group for years were captured alive in an operation. ID information of terrrorists are as follows;


Dmitry Simonov (Abu Isa al-Rusi), Russia

Mahmoud Se’id Ateb (Abu Mushab al-Almani), Germany

Nicholas Joseph Lee (Abu Yousuf al-Amriki), Latin America

Emrah Rıfat Ozanoğlu (Abu Fatima al-Turki), Turkey

Abrar Mohammad (Abu Zubair al-Sweidi), Sweden

Hisham al-Arabi (Abu Maryam al-Maghribi), Morocco


While the operation to clear ISIS in its last pocket in northern Syria goes on, the sleeper cells the group has left behind to carry out insurgency are also being targeted. In this sense we will continue to inform public about the terrorists captured in special operations.


YPG Press Office | February 2, 2019