6 civilians killed, 8 others wounded in regime forces' attack on Hesekê

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Baath regime forces started to bomb civilian areas in Hesekê after suffering heavy blows at the hands of YPG-YPJ and HPC forces during clashes.
After Mesakin, Til Hecer and Mifîtî neighborhoods, regime forces started to bomb the Azîziyê neighborhood which was hit by two mortar shells at around 19:00 local time. One of the shells landed on a civilian house close to the Umer Bin Abdulezîz school, killing six civilians, four of whom are children, and wounding eight others.
The names of the slain civilians are: Heyder Fewad (6), Lorens Salim (8), Dunya Salim (5), Sefyan Salim (8), Ramî Hamid Ebud (20) and one other unidentified.
Seven of the eight wounded civilians have been taken to Amûdê Hospital due to lack of vacancy at Wetenî Hospital.
The neighborhood residents stated that regime forces deliberately targeted the civilian settlement although it does not house any military centre.
The other mortar shell landed on another civilian house on Kelesh Street, resulting in no casualties as locals had already left their homes due to clashes, but causing damage on the surrounding area.