3 mercenaries killed, 4 wounded as YPG responds to shelling

  • 15 July 2017 | News

AL-SHAHBA - 3 mercenaries have been killed and 4 wounded as YPG and YPJ responded to the Turkish shelling on Afrin canton villages, reports of huge losses in the mercenaries’ equipment were received.


ANHA reporters from al-Shahba areas said that the Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries shelled on Saturday morning at 05:00 the liberated areas of Arfad( Tel Rifat), Sheikh Issa, Garnata, Halisah, Hasiya, Qoul Serouj, Tel Jijan, Tel Madiq, Tel al-Inab, al-Nayrabiyah, Ain Daqna with heavy artillery.


Jaish al-Thuwar fighters (Rebel’s Army) and the joint forces responded to the attacks in Toyce village and Mare town amid reports of possible wounded among the mercenaries and huge damage was also inflicted to the mercenaries’ equipment.


ANHA reporters in Afrin canton districts said that in coincidence with Turkish occupation army and its mercenaries’ shelling on al-Shahba villages, the mercenaries positioned east of Azaz city shelled with artillery Maranaz, Vilat al-Qadi and al-Baylona villages in Shera district, while YPG and YPJ responded to the shelling and clashes broke out with the mercenaries.


The clashes resulted in killing 3 mercenaries, and wounding 4 others.


12 Turkish occupation surveillance planes hovered over Qastal Jando and Qatma villlages in Shera districts and over Tel Rifat town in the liberated areas of al-Shahba.


The mercenaries also shelled Basofan, Bashamra and Iska Hill in Sherawa district and Şehîd Şîlan Hill in Janders district with mortars and Dushkas.


These areas have become relatively calm, 2 civilians were wounded in Ahras, al-Shahba areas and fire broke out on the outskirts of Robar camp for refugees in Sherawa district on Friday evening because of the shelling.


Source: ANHA


YPG Press Office | 15 July 2017