26 Daesh terrorists killed near Shadadi as Turkish army tries to sabotage Raqqa campaign

  • November 9, 2016 | News

To the Press and Public Opinion
STATEMENT # 20161109
Wrath of Euphrates: Turkish army sabotage
Since the start of Raqqa liberation campaign (Operation Wrath of Euphrates), Turkish army’s attacks against the People’s/Women’s Defense Units (YPG / YPJ) and Rojava-Northern Syria soil have significantly increased.
Accordingly, on the night of November 9, the Turkish army through two different locations attacked the Defense Units’ positions. Firstly, Turkish forces targeted the Defense Units in Dola Kel Hesenakê area near Tirbespiyê city, and then they attacked Mele Ebbas base between Tirbesipîyê and Çilaxa towns. At both sites, the Defense Units were able to immediately respond to the aggressions, forcing Turkish attackers flee from the noted areas.
Also in between the cities Qamishlo and Tirbespiyê, Turkish army is more and more adding to numbers of tanks and armored vehicles deployed at northern Syria borders.
Shadadi: Failed Daesh attacks
At 2 pm on November 8, the Daesh (ISIS) terrorists tried another attack against the village of Malha near Shadadi (south Hasakah) where they earlier had received severe blows. With all heavy weapons an armored vehicles prepared for assault, the terrorists heavily targeted the Defense Units’ positions.
Intense fighting broke out in the region as the Defense Units instantly repulsed the terrorists’ attempts – they managed to fully repel the offensive.
According to a field confirmation, 26 Daesh terrorists were killed in that fight, bodies of 16 were seized by the Defense Units, 5 others left on the ground of battle. There, the Defense Units could capture 2 armored vehicles, 3 PKMs, 2 AKs and 3 RPGs from the terrorists.
During the battle, one of our comrades who fought heroically to stop the attackers, was martyred in action.
Efrin: Syrian Coalition Attacks
Terrorists affiliated to the Syrian Coalition on the night of November 8 carried out an attack from their positions in Azaz (near Turkish border) against the village of Maranez in Efrin, north west Syria.
YPG Press Office | November 9, 2016