15 invaders were killed in Afrin

  • May 11, 2018 | Press Releases

Our forces continue to carry out actions against Turkish invasion army and its terrorist groups within the scope of the second phase of the Resistance of the Age in Afrin. Between April 29 - May 8, operations by our forces killed 15 Turkish soldiers and terrorists, injured at least 5 others.


The details of the operations by our forces are as following;


  • On April 29, Turkish invasion army and the terrorist groups commanded by it launched a comprehensive operation in the vicinity of Afrin’s Mabatah district. Operation forces were pulled out shortly after the operation had begun achieving no result.
  • On April 30, our forces clashed Turkish invasion army units in the area between villages of Kafar Mazrah and Maraskah of Afrin’s Shera district. A soldier was killed, two terrorists were injured as a result.
  • On May 3, our forces carried out another operation against Turkish army units positioned at Mahmoodiyyah district in Afrin city center. At least one sodier was killed, two others injured as a result.
  • On May 5, Turkish invasion army’s air force conducted several raids targeting Hawar Mountain in Afrin with no result.
  • On May 5, our forces ambushed terrorists in vicinity of village of Basoofan of Afrin’s Sherawah district. 4 of Ahrar Sharqiyyah terrorists with a Turkish soldier inside the military vehicle were killed. Turkish troops attacked residents of the area after the succesful action.
  • On  May 5, Ahrar Sharqiyyah terrorists in Afrin’s Jandaris discrict were effectovely targeted by our forces, 3 terrorists were killed. Two of the killed terrorists were identified as Khalil Aldary and Mostafah al-Khalil.
  • On May 6, Turkish invasion army launched another operation with the participation of the terrorist groups in the vicinity of Afrin. 5 civilians, including women and children were kidnapped by terrorists within the operation.
  • On May 8, our forces targeted a military base called as “23 brigade” by terrorists on the road between Jandaris district and village of Hammam, killing 4 terrorists and injuring another. Two of the killed terrorists were identified as Khalil Saheed (from Damascus) and Mohammad Abdul Jasem (from Idlib).
  • The same day another Turkish soldier was assasinated by our forces in village of Deirballoot.


At the result of the military actions by our forces in Afrin within 9 days, 15 Turkish soldiers and terrorists were killed, at least 5 others were injured. 2436 Turkish soldiers and troops were killed since the beggining of the invasion attacks by Turkey on Afrin.



YPG Press Center | May 11, 2018