12 Turkish soldiers and terrorists killed in Afrin

  • April 25, 2018 | Press Releases

The results of the resistance and military actions against Turkish invasion army in and affiliated jihadi terrorists in Afrin in the third week of April;


Within the scope of the second phase of the resistance of the age in Afrin, People’s Protection Units and Women’s Protection Units forces carried out effective operations against the invasion army and jihadi groups affiliated to them. Our forces killed at least 12 Turkish troops and gang members in the past week.


1.       On April 17th, a Turkish military officer called Taner Cobanoglu was killed by our forces in Afrin city center. Meanwhile another commander of Turkish army was killed in another operation in Jandaris district of Afrin.

2.       On the same day our forces launched an effective sabotage action in Abu Kaab village of Afrin’s Jandaris district which killed a terrorist called Saleem Alhamadee. 2 terrorists were also injured in the operation.

3.       On April 18th, in an operation by our forces in Afrin city center, 3 Turkish soldiers were killed, 6 others were injured.

4.       On April 19th, carried out an operation in Shiyah district against a vehicle which had been transporting Farqat al-Hamzah terrorists to the area. A terrorists called Husayn al-Alee was killed and 4 other terrorists were injured as a result. The names of the wounded terrorists are as following; Mohammad Qara Husayn, Husayn Yuzbashy, Abeed al Qadar Shakhly, Abeed al Lateef Kimko.

5.       On April 21th, our forces carried out an operation aginst Failaq al-Sham terrorists on the road between Afrin-Turandah. As a result 2 terrorists were killed.

6.       On April 22th, carried out an operation against Farqat al-Hamzah terrorists on the road between Afrin-Raco. 3 terrorists were killed. On the same day, another terrorist was killed and 2 others injured by our forces in an attack near Qaboon crossroad in Afrin city center.

7.       On 17 and 18 April, Turkish invasion army launched an operation in Rajo, Bulbul, Jandaris districts and Afrin countryside with the participation of thousands of terrorists, warplanes and 8 unmanned aerial vehicles in an attempt to clear the area. The operation finished without achieving any results. Meanwhile Turkish invasion army pulled out hundreds of its troops, armored personnel carriers and heavy weaponry vehicles from Sheikh Aqeel in Idlib, where it previously set up an observation point in partnership with Russia and transported them to Basoofahn village of Afrin’s Sharawa district.

8.       Our forces managed to return to their bases without suffering any loses, after each operation.


The casualties of invading Turkish army and terrorist groups commanded by it increased to 2420 since the beginning of invasion attacks on Afrin.


YPG Press Office | April 25, 2018