Fighters liberated children who were exploited by the ISIS

  • Jan18/2017 | News

- Fighters liberated children who were exploited by the mercenaries of ISIS during their campaign in one of al-Raqah villages.

The second stage of Wrath of Euphrates continuing in its 39 day, and the fighters of Wrath of Euphrates operation room during their campaign in northern west of al-Raqah villages liberated the children that were exploited to fight for ISIS and handed them over to their relatives.

In one of the villages that the fighters combed, they liberated a number of children who were exploited by ISIS and were seized their weapons.

The fighters stated that the mercenaries are using the civilians as human shields for them and they were exploiting the children for this aim.

The children who were liberated by the fighters said that the mercenaries of ISIS kidnapped them and gave them the weapons by force.