April 2017 Balance Sheet: The attacks of the occupying Turkish army and the Operation Wrath of Euphrates.

  • May 3, 2017 | Home

During the month of April, the occupying Turkish army attacked the entire border line of Rojava and Northern Syria 67 times. 35 of these attacks were carried out by tanks and various artillery, 24 by all kinds of heavy weapons, 7 by missiles and one by warplanes.


Towards the morning of April 25, Turkish-state owned warplanes bombarded the YPG General Command's Headquarters in Qereçox at 2:00 am. This subarea has a press center, the Voice of Rojava radio station and printing and military establishments. 20 YPG-YPJ fighters, including 3 press center personnel, were martyred and 18 fighters were injured as a result of the attacks. On these attacks and violations, the People's Defense Units (YPG) and Women's Defense Units (YPJ) fighters responded to the attacks 16 times with the required level in the frame of legitimate defense. As a result, there have been three short-lived clashes at different points of the border line. In addition, 3 Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs), 3 tanks, 2 panzers, a radar-laden military vehicle belonging to the Turkish army and 6 positions of the occupying Turkish army were destroyed.


In April 2017, YPG and YPJ fighters continued their pioneering role in the Syrian Democratic Forces in the Operation Wrath of Euphrates, and actively participated in the 4th phase of the campaign. In this scope, including the Hezîme, Mezraa Tishrîn and dozens of other villages, 800 km2 land in the northern part of Raqqa (north of the Jalab valley) were liberated from the control of gangs. During the month tens of thousands of Raqqa and Tabqa residents were rescued and placed in secured areas. The Operation Wrath of Euphrates continues at full speed in Tabqa and 95% of the city is under control.


YPG Press Center | May 3, 2017